Staging is one of the key ways to sell your home faster. Home should be perfect from the start as details matter. How we sell our home and

*** I will guide you START to FINISH**** Every Detail is SO IMPORTANT WHEN YOU LIST YOUR HOME. It Starts with the RIGHT AGENT.

Number one is to Clean and Declutter. You are moving so lets pack everything up not needed and depersonalize.  Fresh paint is great place to start after you declutter.   Fresh paint looks and smells great!  Always a wise investment! Do not forget to look at wall switches, outlets and floor vents. We are making your home a model home.

The first step to getting buyers to make an offer on your home is to impress them with its appearance. Home buyers decide in the first 16 seconds if they are interested. 

1. CLEAN and Declutter! First & Foremost

This is top and so important.  A cleaning service is great to consider at this time. Redo wood floors. Wipe down doors and down light switch covers. Deep clean ( most people usea service) including carpets and windows. Remove window coverings if older than 5 years. Blinds may stay.

House must be clutter free. Start with counter tops. Only keep out the coffee maker and maybe a vase of flowers or live plant for color.

It’s harder for buyers to picture themselves in your home when they’re looking at your knickknacks.  Pack up all your personal decor and pictures. You are moving so do not take this personally. 

2. Remove some of your furniture

When a room is filled with furniture, it looks smaller, which will make buyers think your home is less  spacious than it is. Make sure buyers appreciate every  room by removing a few pieces of furniture. Your stager and or agent will guide you.

3. Furniture placement

How rooms flow is important.   In each room, create a focal point on the farthest wall from the doorway.   In the bedroom, the bed should be the focal point for example.  In the living room, it may be the picture window or fireplace. LESS IS MORE. Use your agent/stager will guide you.

4. Add color by adding accessories

Add a vibrant  throw, or  beautiful accent pillows for the sofa will spruce up a any room and give it a fresh up to date look.  Real healthy plants make a big difference too. Make sure all  your light fixtures  are up to date ( no brass unless solid & classic) will also make a big impact.  Details make the difference.

  5. B
ring warmth to the house

Fresh birch logs in the fireplace, in the fireplace, flowers on the table, a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter or table.  Set up, and stage areas with books.  A cup of tea on the table near a chair and pretty lamp — help your buyer vision living there. Set out a game of backgammon on a table in the corner. Make the room  warm & inviting. 

Make your bathrooms richer by updating the shower curtain, towels, and fancy soap dispenser. ( Never leave  your personal toiletries items out ). White crisp towels that are new make a great impact.

6. Make the OUTSIDE mint!

As your agent is unlocking the door, your home buyer is looking at every detail closely while standing at your front door.  Look closely at this area.

Make sure your lawn looks perfect. Mow your lawn and do not forget to edge.   Bright flowers and plants should surround your home’s front entrance way.  Finish off by buying a new fresh doormat.

Remember when staging your home that even the best staged home that looks awesome can not sell if it is not priced right.  Price and a great marketing plan and a staged home is a ticket called SOLD!


* See my article on pricing your home.



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